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Slizer Battle Management System
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Slizer Battle Management System is a real time tactics game that emphasizes unit choices, positioning, speed and positions using complex unit movement and attack systems, and minimizes skill-based micromanagement and economy typical in RTS.

SBMS was made as an attempt to return to the direction RTS games used to have before the skill-based aspect of them became prominent. South Korea popularised this by taking StarCraft to its limit as an e-sport, which I would argue coincidentally changed how the game was played for most people. I would argue that this is not how strategy games were designed too be played, so I've tried to minimise the elements of RTS that encourage fast micromanagement, and multitasking economy management.

The minimalist, symbolic art style of SBMS is inspired by fictional operating systems in sci-fi anime and television shows, the most recogniseable example of which are radar screens.


SBMS plays like most RTS games with a few differences:

  • Units are exclusively made out of combat and are pre-selected to go into battle.
    • Units are given weapons, armor, abilities, and special equipment to give them a tactical edge for each situation.
  • Player view is zoomed out and unit speed is very slow to give players more time to react.
    • Units have acceleration for translational and rotational movement, making micro less necessary.
  • Unit attacks have bullet drop, decreasing damage and accuracy the further away enemies are. This allows for slow paced long distance combat or high damage point blank shots.
  • Units can attack while moving, increasing the chance of enemies missing their shots, but decreasing the unit's chances of hitting enemies. To avoid randomness, accuracy only affects hit chance when it drops below a threshold.
  • Friendly fire on most abilities makes positioning more important.

Units can be upgraded and new abilities can be unlocked for them in the menus. Aircraft have a minimum of two abilities, and ships have around 5 on average.


The story is set in larger universe, but is currently incomplete. It follows the campaign of the Arma faction stealing aircraft and technology from Alliance bases in southern France.