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King Arthur: Fallen Champions
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King Arthur: Fallen Champions is the stand-alone expansion to the original King Arthur: the Roleplaying Wargame. Compared to the original, Fallen Champions had a different style of campaign that provides a linear progression of adventures, challenges, and battles for players to go through.


Fallen Champions is set in the lands farther north of where the original took place- lands beyond the Forest of Bedegraine. Fallen Champions tells of the adventures of the three titular fallen champions:

  • Sir Lionel: A knight from Britannia working to save a damsel in distress.
  • Lady Corrigan: A Sidhe seeking to re-open the passage to Tir na nÓg, so she can return home.
  • Drest the Chosen: A shaman who is being compelled on his quest by visions of greatness and voices in the night.

The campaign of Fallen Champions is divided into three paths, one for each character. Each path is a collection of adventures and battles- generally set at a higher level of difficulty than many of the quests from the original campaign. The player must complete all of the quests on each character's path in order to unlock the final battle.

Fallen Champions' storyline was made to tie the original to its sequel, and as such contains references to various elements and occurrences that become commonplace in , such as the effects of Fomorian corruption and possession on humans.