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Fantasy Clash
First release date
Mac PC

Fantasy Clash is a real‐time PvP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.


This game allow gamers to play with their friends up to 5 players per team.

The game begins when the player choosing a hero to fight against the enemy team on various map and lanes,slain monsters and destroy enemy towers .

When the player defeated a monster or enemy Hero, the player will score points, which allow the player to upgrade or level up his/her Hero .

Finally when the player team destroy the enemy Nexus,the player will win the game.


1.User Signup,Login And Lobby Management

This game comes comprehensive features including login,user registration,lobby ,user profile, inventory services

2.Hero Selections

The player can choose from a list of heros with unique abilities including Knight,Goblin Wizard and more.

3.Interesting 3D Graphics and Audio Effect


The game can be downloaded at the following site