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Hammer of the Gods
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Holistic Design, Inc.
New World Computing, Inc.

Hammer of the gods is a and empire building hybrid set in a world of mythology. One of the games underlying structures is a hierarchical tree made up of Norse deities which will give you specific quests of increasing intricacy which you must fulfill (marry off your daughter, discover something in the world etc.) The game is divided in two major parts, a trait it shares with games in the franchise (also by ) which are based on The Hammer of the Gods. The first one being a top down view in which the player can access his units and cities. The map is and features a. Although the game comes with the option to play on a semi-historical map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The other part is the tactical combat in which the player controls all the units involved in the battle in a turn based fashion. 
The game features many different units and four basic races which can be chosen at the beginning of the game, humans, , and .