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Astrobase Command
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Jellyfish Games

is a sandbox RPG starbase builder inspired by '70s and '80s science fiction. Rather than focus on technology and micromanagement, it is a game about characters and stories, much like your favourite television shows. An AI storyteller crafts new and continuously-evolving storylines based on characters' traits and the choices the characters themselves make.

Players will be able to build space stations known as astrobases. They will construct them in the way that best suits their play style, regardless of whether they want to concentrate on creating and running a specialized scientific outpost, or a gigantic battlestation capable of deploying massive space and ground forces to conquer worlds. No specific objectives will be imposed other than ensuring the astrobase's survival. Players will be free to create missions that suit their needs, rather than have them dictated by the game.

Ensuring that the station is properly supplied will set the backdrop for adventures in which crewmembers will have the opportunity to shine and distinguish themselves from their peers. Characters will gain skills and develop personality traits based on the outcome of certain events, and these will shape how they react to future events. Players will need to select and promote the characters that he can trust to respond in the way that meets their objectives.

Gameplay will take place aboard astrobases, in outer space, and on planetary surfaces, offering opportunities for exploration, diplomacy, mining, trade, science, and of course conquest.