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DoubleDutch Games


Developer made and released the original single player web game SpeedRunner in 2011 as well as released an HD version known as SpeedRunner HD for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. With the help of , they took that same fast-paced platformer gameplay into a competitive four player setting where everyone races around a looping stage attempting to outrun one another. The game was released on on August 26th, 2013.


New Rush City is a city filled with superheroes. Perhaps too many of them in fact. So much that they actually race to see who can get to the crime scenes first. Unfortunately they get quite carried away just competing with each other.


All players select a superhero and must race as quickly around a stage as they can in hopes of outrunning their opponents until they push them off the screen thus eliminating them. Once one player has been eliminated (or after a set amount of time has passed if no one has been eliminated), the screen will begin to shrink, leaving the room for error and overall race that much tighter. Strewn about some of the stages are hazards such as crates, spikes, lasers, and even switches that could negate access to a particular route or open up another one.

Each player has access to a large amount of the basic platforming abilities such as sliding, double jumping, and wall jumping. In addition to this, players can shoot out a at anytime to grab onto any white-surfaced ceiling and swing across the stage. At any point during the swing, the grapple button can be released to either gain momentum upward or even propelling themselves forward. Players also have a limited boost meter they can use to either catch up to their opponents or, if they're ahead, push any stragglers towards the edge of the screen. The boost meter can be refilled by passing through charge gates placed in certain areas of each stage.

Players can also use weapons and power-ups that are picked up by running through an . Only one item can be held at a time and will be available until activated. When touching an item box, a random power-up is given from the following:

CratesThe player drops a crate behind them, obstructing the path until someone runs into it. Three crates can be dropped per pick-up.
MissileThe player shoots out a missile that homes in on the nearest opponent. The explosion from the missile can still affect the player who used the item.
BombThe player drops a bomb behind them that is only detonated when the player pushes the item button again. Unlike the crate, the bomb itself is not an obstacle and is passed through when ran past by players.
ShockwaveThe player emits a radial shockwave, pushing away any nearby opponents. The shockwave also functions as a momentary shield as it destroys any nearby weapons and obstacles as well.
Golden HookThe player shoots out a golden grappling hook towards the closest opponent ahead of them. If the hook reaches them, they are dragged back and player is propelled forward, effectively switching places.
DrillThe player is momentarily given a boost in speed as well as placed in a drill slide for the entire duration, tripping up any opponents that the player makes contact with.
FireballThe player shoots out a large rolling fireball in the direction they're facing, destroying any obstacle and temporarily knocking out any opponent it touches. The fireball will continue to roll forward until it hits a wall.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP and up
  • Processor: 1Ghz and up
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 850 MB available space