Elden Ring: 6 Tips and Tricks to Quickly Get Ahead

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Elden Ring is arguably the best performing game by FromSoftware, and is one of the bestselling games, even surpassing Call of Duty: Vanguard.

However, there's the persistent notion that FromSoftware releases are hard, including Elden Ring. Most critics are now labeling Elden Ring as too difficult and that it doesn't accommodate all players. If you've ever played Elden Ring, you know that these claims aren't far from the truth.

Lucky for you, we've compiled this resourceful guide to make things easier for you and to give you a headstart.

Choosing Classes In Elden Ring

This is the first thing players must do when starting in Elden Ring. It's also where many players waste too much time due to fear of getting it wrong.

Elden Ring offers ten classes for players can choose from. These include Samurai, Warrior, Astrologer, Prisoner, Hero, Wretch, Prophet, Vagabond, Bandit, and Confessor.

Each class has different stat levels and can wield specific weapons and equipment. Different classes are also suited to different play styles. One thing to note is that no class is superior or inferior to another despite the differences in stats and equipment loads.

Some classes are well suited to close or long-ranged attacks; some can wield heavy weapons and deal devastating blows on enemies; others are agile and swift but with less damage in their attacks.

Whatever class you choose, you'll never be at a disadvantage. So decide which class is best for your desired playstyle and get on with the game.

Once you've chosen the right class for your character, try out any or all of these tips to enjoy a seamless and fun experience playing Elden Ring.

1.    Interact With NPCs To Unlock In-Game Perks

NPCs can help you sail through in Elden Ring. However, you need to interact with them to have any meaningful partnership. The good thing is that you will find lots of opportunities to do this in the game.

One of the most important NPCs to interact with early on in the game is Melina the Finger Maiden. You can find Melina by resting at the site of grace near the Church of Ellen, and you should accept her offer to be your maiden. In exchange, she'll give you the Spectral steed whistle, which you can use to summon your horse Torrent. She also acts as a guide in several quests and can help you teleport to different locations and convert runes to strength.

2.    Learn Your Enemies' Patterns and Use It To Your Advantage  

Elden Ring has a certain rhythm to it. Almost all of your enemies' attacks and defenses will have a pattern, and you can use this to your advantage. Learn when your enemies are about to strike and dodge or block the attacks, and similarly, know when they're most vulnerable and plan your strikes to deal the most damage.

To get some experience, seek out weaker opponents and fight them. These can be found easily by roaming through the Lands Between. However, it would be best to exercise caution by avoiding stronger bosses when you're still at lower levels.

3.    Maximize Earning Elden Ring Runes and Other Valuable Collectibles

The thing with Elden Ring is that the game becomes more difficult as you advance through the levels. The best way to match up to increased difficulty is by upgrading your character's various attributes and equipment.

Bonuses from quests and other collectibles will come in handy, but using Elden Ring runes is the easiest way to upgrade your character. If you're short on time and want to upgrade quickly, you could even buy Elden Ring runes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

However, if you're in for the long haul, you could do some grinding. Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Battling hordes of the undead at the Warmaster's Shack. It's a harrowing experience but efficient in earning Elden Ring runes.
  •  Fighting and killing giant hordes. This is best done on horseback and by targeting lone giants. You can earn up to 5,000 runes doing this. While at it, you can lure giants into smashing fallen pillars to access Smithing stones that you can use for crafting.

These two methods are referred to as rune farming. Some of the best locations include the Altus Plateau in Windmill, Caelid, Brace of the Haligtree in Elphael, and Stormhill.

Some of these rune farming locations contain high-level bosses and goons, and it would be best if you're at an advanced level or your character is heavily upgraded. Further, you can go to the available points of grace to recharge your HP and FP and for the enemies to respawn, giving you unlimited earning potential.

One crucial thing to note is that each time you're killed, you have the option to collect your earned runes at the point where you died. If you fail to do so and die twice, all of your Elden Ring runes will be lost.

4.    Focus On The Most Beneficial Character Attributes And Weapon Upgrades

Attribute and character upgrades are necessary to advance in Elden Ring. However, they also come at a cost that increases as you rise through the levels.

It's, therefore, a no-brainer that you should only upgrade the most useful attributes and equipment to stay within your budget. Aside from that, upgrades should align with your character's main strengths and attributes.

For instance, equipment upgrades for heavier weapons are most suited to classes with more strength and endurance attributes. Similarly, upgrading intelligence for DPS classes like the Hero wouldn't create more strategic and tactical advantage.

For best results, focus on two or at most three skills, and when it comes to equipment, consider an optimal load of around 80%. An inefficient load( typically more than 80%) affects your character's ability to roll, which is an effective method to dodge enemy strikes.

5.    Be Strategic With How You Play

Elden Ring is as tough as it gets, and some encounters or bosses may be impossible to defeat. Don't be ashamed about running away from some of the harrowing battles. You could run off to sites of grace, recharge, and restructure your battle plans according to your enemies' abilities and weaknesses. However, the trolls and bosses will also respawn with renewed strength.

Some parts in Elden Ring are also outright difficult to play on your own. Instead of going at it solo, summon the spirits to help you in battle and enlist certain NPCs in your quest.

Can't fight a boss or trolls? Stealthily sneak past them, or flee at high speeds using Torrent. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals in Elden Ring, cheap shot or not. The goal is to survive and thrive.

6.    Avoid Pausing Mid-battle or Use This Effective Exploit

If you weren't aware, Elden Ring doesn't have a pause option, and toggling the menu option doesn't cut it. But there's an effective way to do it if you must pause the game:

  • Toggle the game menu – Esc if you're on pc, or Start button for a controller
  • Click on any sub-menu option
  • Attempt to go back to the main menu. This should bring up three options: Back, Help, Simple view, and Swap screen.
  • Choose the Help option, and click on Menu explanation in the next pop-up that appears

This can be a lifesaver if you want a quick bathroom break or just a breather to reenergize.

A Worthy Challenge

Elden Ring is one of the most difficult RPG games out there, but in its defense, the challenge is what makes it worth playing. Remember to explore the game's vast terrain as much as you seek to farm runes or complete various quests.

The most important tip is ensuring your character's survival by optimizing your build, earning runes for upgrades, and learning the game's intricate and sometimes unpredictable patterns.

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