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Archetype Studios
Archetype Studios

Developed by a number of core developers of , Midair is a return to the classic feeling of . Influenced by several of the Tribes games as well as the developer's previous game, Legions, Midair is the game made by FPS-Z players, for FPS-Z players.


The game will have a model similar to where you unlock items to use as you level up. All unlockables will be developed with the mindset that they are sidegrades first and foremost.

A single fee of $30USD (Or $20USD in the Kickstarter) will bypass all gameplay progression for buyers.

There will also be cosmetic skins and accessories that will be purchasable with real money.


At launch, Midair will feature 3 classic gamemodes, and several other gamemodes are Kickstarter stretch goals that will be implemented at a later date.

Capture The Flag

Break through the enemy defense and capture the enemy flag! But beware of the llamas.


One objective: Kill the enemy team. Each player only has 1 life per round, so make it count!


One flag. Everybody's out to get you. It's a mad dash for the flag, as the longer you hold the flag the more points you accumulate.

Duel (Stretch Goal)

1v1 at its purest. Test your skills and find out who's the better duelist.

Siege (Stretch Goal)

16 players attack, 16 players defend. Who can clear the objective fastest?

Jackpot (Stretch Goal)

Hunters (Stretch Goal)

Loadout System

Speed? Balance? A walking tank? Choose your playstyle and pick what weapons and items you want to carry into the fight.