Half Life 2 walkthrough

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Half Life 2 is not only one of the greatest Valve games of all time, but also probably one of the greatest games of all time. It is a game that takes up some time, with a compelling story, great characters and fun action – it’s all that you would want from a FPS (First-Person Shooter). The game can be extremely challenging and if you get stuck, you might need to look at other players performance regarding some specific parts in-game. Maybe you can’t figure out where to go or something else is bothering you? If so, check out the video that gamespedition has provided for you.

If you’re looking to spice things up and make your experience a lot more interesting in HL 2 + you want something more challenging – try speedrunning. Speedrunning is a type of activity where you try to beat the game as fast as possible – NO CHEATS! That requires a lot of skill and very thorough analysis and muscle memory. A very common activity amongst Half Life 2 players is speedrunning. For example, a regular playthrough of the game takes 4-6 hours while the current speedrunning world record is ~40 minutes. Check this video out to see if speedrunning is your type of activity.

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