Blitzkampfer (0)

Firearrow Games


Blitzkampfer is an open world bullet hell being built for gamemaker studio 1.4


In blitzkampfer, players control one of an imperial space fleet; piloting the highly experimental Blitzkampfer, a jet fighter with a whip as its only weapon.


The main portion of blitzkampfer takes place in the main world, a stretch of space where rips and distortions in time occur and a galactic war rages. Players have a global diplomacy system in which they may turn any race in the game into their allies, but not without gaining many enemies.


One of the main draws of blitzkampfer is that it is highly random in making and design, with everything from the spawn patterns to certain boss attack patterns all being random in design and setup.


In blitzkampfer, players will encounter many races. They are as follows:

The bak'han

A proud race of magma men from a distant star in a galaxy far, far from here, the bak'han consider themselves above all races. Aggresive towards the player at first, but becomes nicer if the player hunts other races.

The Sil

A race of religious bird-folk, these avian lifeforms consider themselves religious justicars, punishing those in the galaxy they consider to be doing others injustice. Often found as a part of a particular sectors police force or preaching their beliefs to full crowds, these avian are a force to be reckoned with. Neutral to player, Hostile to bak'han.

The Amn

The amn, once a branch off of the vaam, are a dying race. With time they came to find that they grew more infertile and with no planets suitable for their colonization and their splitting off of the vaam, they contented themselves with becoming a quiet race of scholars and historians, spending their final days keeping secluded. Very large advocates of peace. Neutral.

The Vaam

The vaam are a race of dryads from a distant forest planet. A plentiful race and advocates of forests and nature, they are the main allies of the Imperial federation. Friendly to the player, hostile towards the bak'han, quick to switch sides if the ally harms natural worlds in an unjustified manner.

The Federation of Debauchary and Piracy

A group of men and women who consider themselves above the law, commonly known as pirates; The FDP are a kind of robinhood in the galaxy, often stealing from employers if their cargo is valuable enough and if the employers themselves are rich or entitled. Can commonly be found in taverns on the eastern sector. Hostile towards the player and their fancy shiny new ship. Can be made allies through hunting of other races.

The Imperial Federation

The imperial federation are a group of humans from the planet E4-R7H, known by the federation themselves as earth. The federation are innately good, and often are known for being peacekeepers. Some federation citizens are found to be working with the FDP, but they are no longer considered imperials once they join them. Can not be made an enemy, immediate ally.

The Blitzkampfer

Known as "lightning fighter" in imperial common, and "Blitzkampfer" in old northeastern imperial, the blitzkampfer is an experimental space fighter with an energy whip weapon called the BLL3T - WP, or the bullet whip. A craft of extreme power and precision, this ship is the pinnacle of imperial technology.