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Spirou is an obscure 2D side-scrolling platformer designed by Infogrames based on a popular Belgian comic. Spirou is a bumbling bellboy who looks like he could be Tintin's younger brother. In Spirou, the goal is to rescue the world-famous scientist Count Champignac from the clutches of an evil organization intent on using his latest invention to take over the world.

The game uses colorful cartoony graphics with fluid animation that incorporates funny antics to be as close to the original comic book source as possible. The game is similar to Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Jungle Book, or any of Infogrames' other licensed cartoon platformers (most notably the Tintin series).

The game was released exclusively in Europe for the Sega Mega Drive, SNES and original Game Boy. A Game Gear version was in development but eventually abandoned.