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Neon Prism
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Just1337 Studio
Just1337 Studio


Neon Prism is an action-puzzle game built around completing levels as quickly as possible. It was developed by Just1337 Studio for the Steam platform.

To complete the game the player must traverse fifty levels, making their way to the exit (or multiple exits) while avoiding hazards (colored red) and barriers (colored yellow, blue, or green). In addition to basic movement - which can be toggled between tank controls or one where the player character moves in the direction of the mouse cursor when the forward key (default W) is pressed - the player can also "blink", which teleports them a set distance ahead, or slow down the level, which allows them to maneuver past moving obstacles easier. Based on their completion time, the player earns a gold, silver, or bronze medal at the end and can revisit any stage they've completed to beat their old record.