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Merc Elite is the first near-future military-MOBA. It blends tactical, strategical and action elements into one by utilizing a realistic line of sight, a cover mechanic and a shooting mechanic that needs players to actually aim while still keeping the skill based gameplay of MOBAs. The game is development for over two years but has now started progressing through the different Closed Beta phases!


Merc Elite uses a Domination Mode to create matches that immediately start of full of action and have a heavy emphasis on tactical and strategical gameplay due to the nature of the maps and the use of cover during the matches. In contrast to other popular MOBAs there are neither minions nor creeps or a final base that needs to be destroyed.

A player can take up to 3 Mercs - the units that will be active during the match - from a roster into the match. The abilities of the Mercs that are taken into the match aren't leveled up during the match, but are dependend on the level the Merc has and the equipment the player has chosen for the Merc before the match.

Depending on how well the player fares during the match, each Merc gains Experience and Credits that can be invested in better upgrades and stronger Mercs after the match.


Merc Elite is played via browser (Chrome, FF, IE), only needs the Unity plugin to work and is completely free. The hardware requirements are not yet final.