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Live Zombies
First release date


Live Zombies was first created by Dennis Magnusson as a bachelor project with his friend Fredrik Olsson. The game is based on Online Procedural Content Generation (Online PCG) where the content of the game is generated from the internet. In Live Zombies the game are streamed and the viewers interact with the stream either by chat command in Twitch or by a webpage.

The viewers can interact with the streamer through creating a zombie, control the stats of said zombie and spawn it in the game.

Moderators of the stream can also trigger events that the viewers can vote on. Each vote are put down in a virtual urn shuffled around and randomly picked. The chosen entry in that event are triggered and all this information about the event are either shown on the stream overlay or on the homepage. This setup are made so the streamer are not aware when a new event are to happen.

This game is in early Alpha, game mechanics and content may change.


  • Paranoia
    • Sound
    • Fog
    • Drunk
  • Set the health!
    • Full
    • Half
    • Quater
  • Change Zombies
    • Stun
    • Faster
    • Stronger
  • Game Speed
    • Ultra Fast
    • Fast
    • Slow
    • Ultra Slow
  • Change the total health?
    • Double
    • Some
    • Few
    • Remove Half
  • Ammo Bag
    • Few
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Big
    • Huge