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Energy Hook is a 2014 PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One indie game, and the debut project of Happion Laboratiores. Energy Hook's gameplay is centered on a swinging mechanic, and mastering it to perform better stunts and gain more points.

The game is currently available for purchase as an early access alpha, through .


So, what is Energy Hook? Well, imagine that 3D swinging-and-movement games like Spider-Man 2 and Bionic Commando had a love child with points-for-style games like SSX, Tony Hawk and Project Gotham Racing.

Jamie Fristrom, Happion Laboratories

Art Style

"Instead of trying to 'art direct' and forcing some kind of draconian consistency on the artists (who are all volunteers, devoting spare time to the project) - they basically have free reign to come up with their own looks for their own levels"

Jamie Fristrom, Halpion Laboratories

Each of the game's levels will feature entirely distinct art styles, each contributed by a different artist.

Confirmed artists include Paul Whitehead (who authored surrealist cover-art for early albums of progressive-rock groups Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator in the 70's), Keegan O'Rourke, Antonio Revard, and Killst4r.


Jamie Fristrom, Energy Hook's sole developer, was the engineer behind 's highly-acclaimed web-swinging mechanics. After leaving , he co-founded a new company, , which ultimately collapsed. Subsequently, Fristrom created Happion Labs, and began developing a game based upon his previous work in Spider-Man 2. His work on the series also influenced the game, and its emphasis on and point scoring.

Energy Hook through an unorthodox campaign that set the funding goal at 1$. The project went on to gather 41,535$ from 1622 backers.

In the Kickstarter campaign, Energy Hook was originally announced as a PC, Mac, and Linux game, but the developer has since confirmed it will later be coming to consoles. After being released on personal computers, the first consoles will be the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, followed by the Xbox One. The developer has stated a Wii U version is .

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