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Feel the Snow
First release date


The game begins with the player waking up in the ruins of their home after an unknown attack. The player quickly meets an old man, the only other survivor in the village, who informs you of what’s transpired. Dark creatures the old man calls Nightmares have attacked, wiping out the village. The old man warns that the night is dangerous and the player must prepare themselves, lest they fall to another attack.


Feel the Snow is an action-based survival game where the player gathers resources to build tools, construct a home, and keep themselves fed as they weather the night. A questline runs throughout the game starting the player off with the basics of survival and eventually leading them out into the world to explore unusual structures and defeat deadly bosses. Combat rewards the player with experience and leveling up will unlock new combat abilities to employ as they encounter more nasty foes. Fallen enemies will also occasionally drop new crafting recipes, allowing the player to expand their home with new tools.