Evil Dead: Hail to the King (0)

Evil Dead: Hail to the King
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PlayStation Dreamcast PC
Heavy Iron Studios
Evil Dead
Evil Dead


A few months after the events of Army of Darkness begins to have nightmares filled with visions of "Deadites" and other beings of the . Ash and his girlfriend, Jenny, decide to return to the in the where the whole began to try and end the nightmares. Once there Ash runs into his possessed hand that he had previously lobbed off. The hand turns on the with the to make the Deadites rise and all hell breaks loose. Ash must find the of the Necronomicon to send the Deadites back "once-and-for-all".


Evil Dead: Hail to the King plays very much like an early game with the real-time action happening over pre-rendered and scenes. Ash is controlled much like a with the left and right directions turning him rapidly and the forward and back moving him backwards.

Combat involves the use of melee weapons and ranged weapons to kill the various Deadites that appear. One of the buttons on the controller is reserved for with Ash's catchphrases such as "Come get some!"

You are able to performing finishing blows on enemies, picking up with your chainsaw and using your secondary weapon to deal a fatal blow.

The game is additionally notable for reprising his role as Ash.


There are five weapons in the game, four of which can be upgraded. These include the trademark Evil Dead weapons of a chainsaw and a 'boomstick' (a ), as well as a pistol, axe and rifle. You always have the chainsaw equipped in one hand, while the other can be switched out for any of the other weapons. However, you need to refuel the chainsaw with gas periodically.