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Ecco: The Tides of Time
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Ecco the Dolphin 2


Ecco: The Tides of Time is a direct follow-up to the 1993 game, and developed by (now ). The controls of the first game are identical to the second one, as with the difficulty. It includes all new puzzles such as a Scavenger hunt. There are also new powers, one of them includes changing into different animals such as a jellyfish, a seagull, a shark and a school of fish. With these new additions, many things from the original game came back. The health and air meter are back along with the .


The story starts off where the last leaves off: The Vortex Queen is back and follows Ecco back to earth to begin a new hive. Ecco lost his powers from the Ast erite and after he encountered a dolphin with long fins named, Trellia, who was his descendant. She took Ecco to her present which was his future.

In Ecco’s future, Dolphins evolved with powers and the power to fly with helium sacks that were on them. The had a mind of its own with ‘skyways’ or waterways that floated trough the skies, which connected other parts of water on the earth. Ecco, who was exploring the future, then found the Asterite.

When talking to the Asterite, it told Ecco that something was wrong. When Ecco used the time machine the world split into two. One which was a joyful future with flying dolphins, the other was a lifeless wasteland which was dried up by the vortex. Even though the Asterite was killed by the Vortex Queen not until later it was explained how it was talking to Ecco. It then sent him back to the present.

Ecco pieced the Asterite together by bringing the globes that made up the creature. The last of the globes had been taken by the Vortex to the future; Ecco had to retrieve them before both he and Asterite could defeat the vortex. They both went to the vortex future that was full of bizarre machines and was much like the last levels of Ecco the Dolphin. Eventually Ecco found the Astrite’s last two globes and went back to the present.

The Asterite was complete again and Ecco got all of his powers back again.

Ecco then fought the Vortex Queen using the song to destroy her. Though she escaped to the Atlantean time machine, the Asterite told Ecco to destroy it; instead he uses it to and disappears in to the Tides of Time.