Gaming: The best sports games in 2022

Gaming has long since ceased to be a niche hobby and is a popular pastime for men and women of all ages. And the eSports sector is also expanding almost annually, which has a significant impact on the world of sports betting. Therefore csgo bets are gaining popularity year by year and gamers' desire to play professionally rather than as a hobby is also becoming more common. But it's not just shooters like Counter-Strike that are making a splash, sports games are also popular with young and old alike. Find out about the best hits that await the gaming world in 2022 here!

Soccer, Formula 1 and much more in the world of games

Soccer is the most popular ball sport in the world, so it's no wonder that it has long since found its way onto the world's consoles. But racing games never get boring either. Whether it's Formula 1, golf, tennis, soccer or action games like bowling and billiards, it's going to be sporty again in 2022 and for different platforms.

Fifa 22 - the perennial favorite comes back

The symbiosis between EA Sports and FIFA has been going on for over 30 years, and the soccer game is one of the greatest and most successful classics of all time. Almost every year, fans can look forward to a new edition with even more action, even more innovation and even more fun. FIFA 21, which was released in 2020, has sold 325 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games of the year!

Although part 22 was released in 2021, the high sales figures speak volumes. The current part of the FIFA series will certainly not be boring in 2022, because with more than 700 available games and 90 stadiums, there is more variety than ever before. A special highlight: Hypermotion, the modern motion technology exclusively for the next-generation consoles, is supposed to enable an even more authentic game feeling on PlayStation 5 and Co.

Gran Turismo 7 - finally full throttle again

March 2022 will finally see the release of Gran Turismo 7, the long-awaited part of the racing simulation series from Sony. Exclusively for the Playstation, the title will not only be released for the PS5, but also for the PS4. Whether in single-player mode or in multiplayer racing, the graphics promise fast-paced and, above all, realistic racetrack feeling at the highest level. Originally, the release was only planned for the Playstation 5.

However, since there have been difficulties since the release of the next-gen console and numerous gamers are still eagerly waiting for their console, Sony made the release possible for Playstation 4 as well. Very positive and a great joy for fans is that players of both consoles can compete against each other in cross mode. And the much-loved element of tuning will also play a role again in Gran Turismo 7; players had to do without it in the predecessor, Gran Turismo Sport.

Football Manager 2022 - a treat for all strategists

On November 9, 2021, the time has come and the wait for the eagerly awaited Football Manager 2022 is finally over. Here, not only athletes, but especially strategists are in demand, because it's all about building the most stable team. Numerous new features, especially concerning the transfer market, are supposed to be included this time.

Beta testers have had the opportunity to access the beta version via Steam for some time now and expressed promising feedback. With new screens and possible staff meetings, the game experience should become even more exciting for all managers and the creation of the new teams even more efficient.

NBA 2K22 - the banger from 2021

The triple AAA title was released for the next-gen consoles in September 2021 and already made a name for itself in the run-up, especially with its improved AI. In the career mode, players will now have even more opportunities to improve their gameplay and train their moves with realistic graphics.

In the GM mode, hobby managers can try to lead a team, and so NBA 2K22 is a combination of manager simulation and fast-paced sports game. However, one thing is as clear as ever with this part. To really be able to play at an adequate level, you need hours of training. The game is definitely not suitable for casual players, as there are too many professionals online and offline.

Super Mario Golf Rush - the family game

In June 2021, Super Mario Golf Rush was released, a sports game that is suitable for the whole family. In the usual Nintendo style, the characters of the Mario universe take up the club themselves. Whether it's the always bad-tempered Bowser or the two plumber brothers themselves, anyone who swings the golf club is guaranteed to have fun. Special feature: The motion control makes it possible to turn the controller of the Nintendo Switch into a golf club.

With fast-paced game variations, such as speed golf, elements are integrated into the game that go far beyond a classic golf game. Although you won't be able to achieve any top performances here and won't be able to train yourself to become a real professional golfer via the console, the fun factor is extremely high and Super Mario Golf Rush is a real must-have, especially for family evenings or game nights with friends.

You should also know these other sports games from previous years

What the gaming world will still have to offer in 2022 is still partly written in the stars. Many bangers are announced at short notice or longed for, but without a fixed release date. But one thing is clear: sports games won't get boring anytime soon and that's why there are still some games from the year 2020 that you should definitely know about!

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: A skateboard, a controller and you're in the flow. There are games that just never get boring, and the remake of the former cult game is still one of the most popular sports games, even though it was released on September 4, 2020.

eFootball PES 2020: Of course, there was also a remake of FIFA's biggest competitor in 2021, but unfortunately it was not convincing at all in the practical tests. The major bugs are supposed to be patched by 2022, but until then you should rather fall back on the previous version.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020: You want to play a completely different sport on your screen? Then Pro Cycling Manager offers you the opportunity to do so. Control your team, ensure optimal speed and fulfill all the tasks that a manager has to fulfill for a successful team. Something completely different, but no less exciting!

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